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About Us

Discover more about Urban Plastic, a quality Planter Bag specialist. Explore our commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Urban Plastic specializes in crafting high-quality products and developing commercial gardens, with a focus on innovation and sustainability

PT. Urban Plastik Indonesia is dedicated to the agricultural sector. Our range of products includes Grow bags, Planter bags, Weedmat, Mulch Film, Greenhouse UV plastic, Non-woven polyester, and Non-woven seedling bags. Among these, Planter bags are the flagship product, reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in agriculture. These products are designed to enhance farming efficiency, promote plant health, and contribute to sustainable agricultural practices. PT. Urban Plastik Indonesia aims to be a leading provider in the agricultural industry by offering high-quality, durable, and eco-friendly solutions to meet the evolving needs of modern farmers.

Planter Bag Factory in Indonesia

Planter bags of export-quality standards, renowned for their high caliber

Utilizing top-grade materials and adhering to rigorous quality control standards

Planter bags, as domestic products, are cherished nationwide

Urban Plastic Factory

Urban Plastic

Urban Plastic, an innovative company specializing in eco-friendly products, is looking to expand its market reach internationally through the export of its unique range of items. Among our most popular products are various types of planter bags, designed for both functionality and aesthetic appeal. These planter bags, along with other items in our catalog, embody our commitment to sustainability and quality. This expansion into international markets represents a significant step for us at Urban Plastic, as we aim to introduce our environmentally conscious products to a broader audience, thereby contributing to global sustainability efforts while growing our brand.