All of us know that the Indonesia planter bag factory for Latrobe City, Victoria, Australia market products always come with several interesting features. One of them is a drainage hole.

As it is named, these holes are for drainage functions. It means that when you water the plants, the water will pass through these holes so that overwatering will not happen. 

These holes can be placed at the bottom of a planter bag. However, sometimes you may also see this feature created at the side part of the bag, and it is a normal thing too.

Compost bag
Compost bag

Is the Drainage Hole Important?

It depends on some factors such as the temperature of your location and also the types of plants. Some plants may need a lot of water or wet soil where usually people water them until the bag is full.

When it has been full, they let the water come out from the bag and then the soil will dry naturally. However, sometimes maybe you need a product that has drainage holes.

It is especially true if your plants don’t need too-wet soil or if you live in a cool area. The drainage holes will ensure your soil is moist enough to grow that plant.

You can consider this drainage holes feature if you place this bag on a patio or an area where it can be exposed to rain. Drainage holes can prevent overwatering, waterlogging, and root rot.

The Indonesia Planter Bag Factory for Latrobe City, Victoria, Australia Market

The Indonesia planter bag factory for Latrobe City, Victoria, Australia market makes many products with or without these drainage holes. Besides this feature, you may need to consider other factors as follows:

1.     Various Sizes

It is better to find a factory that makes various planter bags. These sizes range from 0.5 up to 2000 liters or maybe more. It means that you can choose the ones based on your gardening needs.

The small up to medium planter bags are great for growing herbs, small fruits, vegetables, and so on. Meanwhile, the large and extra-large options are for trees, shrubs, palms, etc.

2.     Depth and Volume

It is something that people always forget. Please take a look at what your plants need. In this case, the tuber plants such as carrots, potatoes, etc, may need the deep bag than the wide one.

Meanwhile, other plants may need the wide option since their root spreads. You must be aware of a plant’s root growth to choose the best variant of a planter bag.

3.     Materials 

The planter bags can be made from polypropylene or premium fabric. Polypropylene is like plastic and usually, it is not completed with handles. That is why; it is suitable for seedlings period.

Meanwhile, if you have a plan to move your plants someday (especially for the big plants), you may choose a planter bag that is made from strong woven fabric. It is quite thick and breathable and it is equipped with handles too. 

It will be easy for you to lift it with a hand or forklift and then move it somewhere. You can check those features from the Indonesia planter bag factory for Latrobe City, Victoria, Australia market website.

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