Many products from the Indonesia planter bag factory for Shepparton, Victoria, Australia market are suitable for the temperature here. Choosing the right items based on the season is a tip that you can note.

Nowadays, we will talk about choosing the right planter bag in the dry season. It is a climate where usually the sun is shining brightly and the temperature is quite hot.

For this case, you have to consider many things about growing plants inside a planter or grow bag. Don’t worry because it is still possible to grow them healthily as long as you know the method.

Compost bag
Compost bag

Planter Bag for Dry Season

Planter bags are varied in size, thickness, and so on. For the next dry season or summer, you may need to consider these things, so that your garden will still look beautiful.

1.     The Color

The Indonesia planter bag factory for Shepparton, Victoria, Australia market sells various colors. Those are black, green, grey, and even the colorful shades for the planter bags made from woven material.

Since the temperature is quite hot, you may need to choose the brighter color of the grow bag. It is good to reject heat and does not absorb too much hot temperature.

However, if you cannot find any products with bright colors, choosing the common dark ones is also okay. You must ensure the soil is moist enough and you may need to water them more frequently.

2.     With or Without Drainage Holes

Some products come with or without drainage holes. If you don’t want to water your plants more frequently, it is better to choose an item that doesn’t have any drainage holes.

It will make sure the soil inside is wet for a long time and this condition is suitable for some plants. However, you must be careful with several problems such as root rot and overwatering.

3.     Thickness

The hot temperature makes some plants need more water or moisture than at other times. That is why; choosing the standard thickness can be another great tip to try.

This thin material will not absorb and keep too much heat. In the end, the soil will be not too dry as well, and the roots can grow properly. However, you should understand your plants first and also their characteristics.

4.     How about size?

Size doesn’t need too many roles in the dry season. You can still choose any size based on your garden needs such as the small planter bags for certain herbs, medium bags for fruits, and so on.

Besides that, the wide planter bag is good for making a group of plants in a place. The deep variant of the grow bag is recommended for tuber plants such as potatoes, cassava, carrots, etc.

The Indonesia Planter Bag Factory for Shepparton, Victoria, Australia Market

Are you ready to choose the right products? The important thing after purchasing the right item is to care for your bag and make a healthy medium for the plants to grow.

For this case, you must consider whether you need more fertilizer or not, how often should you water the plants, and many more. It will make sure your plants are still healthy even in a dry season.

The key is enough watering schedule. Then you can use the best products from the Indonesia planter bag factory for Shepparton, Victoria, Australia market

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