The Indonesia planter bag factory for Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia market products are always interesting. Besides that, their varied items make you can start gardening with any concept. 

Since you will use planter bags, it is possible to grow plants almost in all seasons. One of them is in winter although it is quite difficult to find a bunch of soil in this season. 

Planter bag lets you create a healthy medium inside it. It means that you can fill this bag with fertile soil, compost, fertilizer, and other beneficial medium for plants. 

Compost bag
Compost bag

Planter Bags for Winter

The question now is about the right planter bag to choose and use in winter. It is because the sun may not shine brightly and you will not find too frequent rain. 

Besides that, the temperature can be too cold in this season. So, what are the best planter bags for this situation? The Indonesia planter bag factory for Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia market has the answers as follows. 

1.     Thick Material

If you will use only the planter bag, it is recommended to choose the thick one. This premium and thick material is good for making sure your plants have the right temperature and heat inside. 

Don’t forget to make a few drainage holes in your planter bag. If it is not, you can purchase the items that have some drainage holes already. These holes are good for the air and water circulation.

2.     Place the Planter Bag in a Pot

It is okay if you cannot find a thick planter bag such as one that is made from plastic as an example. You can still use them, but if it is possible, you can place them in a pot or container. 

The most recommended one is the pot from ceramic or terracotta. These materials are quite effective in keeping the heat and they are not easy to freeze in the cold temperatures outside. 

3.     Choose the Darker Color

The darker color such as black and green will help to absorb the heat. It is especially true when there is still some sunlight outside or when you place this planter bag indoors.

If it is not, you can choose the colorful colors of woven planter bags. Nowadays, many factories make this variant and their contrast will look amazing in the white snow view.

In other words, you can say that a decorative color like this is more for the aesthetic value. However, as long as it has the thick material, it can help your plant to stay warm

The Indonesia Planter Bag Factory for Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia Market: Product’s Cares

Some people say that in winter, it is the time for your plants to hibernate. So, you can crop anything that can be cropped and then store the planter bags in their place.

It is especially true if you don’t want to grow anything in winter. For the care, you just need to clean the planter bag (especially if it is reusable), dry it, and then store it properly.

After the winter ends, you can use them again and again. That is why; the Indonesia planter bag factory for Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia market products are a great investment for gardening.

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