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Planting is a hobby that you must take up because it can bring a lot of benefits. Apart from getting fresh fruit or vegetables when you harvest, planting can also make you physically healthy.

But do you know what you need to prepare if you want to start a planting hobby? No need to worry, because that is what we will explain in this discussion.

Compost bag
Compost bag

How to Start Your Planting Hobby With The Help of Indonesia Planter Bag Factory for Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Market

Consuming healthy and nutritious food is not always expensive, because you can get healthy fruit or vegetables from your own garden. You can plant various types of plants that you can consume.

You can do this easily, namely using a planter bag as a place to plant your plants. Apart from that, you can get a healthy food source because it is grown directly by you without the addition of dangerous chemicals.

You can also help save on monthly expenses by not buying products that you can produce yourself. But before that, you have to know how to start a planting hobby, as we will explain in the discussion of Indonesia planter bag factory for Sydney, New South Wales, Australia market.

1.     Know what plants you want to plant

If you are still very new, then you should study and know what plants you want to plant. You can try choosing fruit or vegetable plants that have a fairly fast harvest time.

For example, you choose to plant potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, chilies, and many others. This plant tends to have a fast harvest period so it is suitable as a learning medium for beginners.

2.     Choose the planting medium that you will use

Nowadays there are many types of planting media that you can use to grow plants. Starting from soil, charcoal, cocopeat, rice husks, rockwool, hydroponics and many others. Each type of planting medium has its own advantages and disadvantages that you need to learn about.

3.     Join a planting community

To gain knowledge about various types of plants, you can try joining a planting community. There you will meet many people with the same hobby who can help you develop your interest in starting a planting hobby.

4.     Do it consistently

Even though we recommend planting plants that have a quick harvest time, you still need to be consistent in caring for these plants. Because if you are lazy for one day or forget, the plant will not grow optimally.

Worse yet, these plants can die due to lack of daily nutrition. Therefore, try to do your hobby of planting consistently so that you can become a good farmer and produce lots of harvests.

Not only that, you also have to learn tips and tricks for caring for plants from friends who are part of the community. That way, you can plant plants optimally using planter bags made in Indonesia planter bag factory for Sydney, New South Wales, Australia market.

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