The Indonesia planter bag factory for Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia market offers you many great products to support your farming and gardening needs. What are they and what are the details?

Planter bag is a product that you can use to plant some vegetables, fruits, crops, etc. You can let the plants grow there, or then move them into another place.

That is why, this item is also suitable for the seedling process. Besides that, the design and size of a planter bag make this thing great to support gardening even in a small place.

hanging planter
hanging planter

The Indonesia Planter Bag Factory for Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia Market

For you who love Broken Hill, New South Wales – Australia, the Indonesia planter bag offers so many types and products. One of them is for sure the high-quality planter bag.

You can see the whole details from its website, and orders from there too. Whatever it is, this factory makes a planter bag that has many great features as follows:

  • Manufactured properly for Australian condition
  • Makes you can move and relocate the plants easily
  • It is UV Stabilized
  • No Lip or Rim
  • Has a great look and a very strong
  • You can take your plant together with you anywhere

This product comes in different sizes, colors, and prices. Besides that, they can be made from different materials as well such as polypropylene, woven textile, and so on.

The Planter Bag Products

The Indonesia planter bag factory for Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia market makes various products for you. Here are some of those bags that you can choose based on your needs. 

1.     Black Planter Bag

Mostly this type is made from polyethylene, so that it can last up to two years. It is also equipped with a UV stabilizer feature that makes it so durable.

Black planter bag has some different sizes ranging from 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 2.8, 7, 7.5, up to 150 liters. The small item is good for succulents, or small plants. Meanwhile, the larger plants may need the larger bag for sure.

Besides that, this polyethylene type can come in different colors as well. The common ones are black, grey, green, and many more again.

2.     Green Woven Planter Bags

The next type is a product that is made from woven fabric. It has a round base that makes you are easier to fill it with soil, compost, water, and so on. 

Besides that, the factory also equips it with handles to make you are easier to move it. It can last for many years although you put this bag under the sun. 

The woven planter bag comes in many bigger sizes than the polypropylene. The smallest size is 20 liters, meanwhile the biggest one is up to 2000 liters. Sometimes, you can even find the square shape type too.

Since this bag is bigger and stronger, it is more recommended for trees. You can plant the small trees there and then move them into the soil when they are getting bigger.

That is why; it is recommended to choose the right size so that the roots can grow properly. Don’t worry because the Indonesia planter bag factory for Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia market has many options for that.

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