The Indonesia planter bag factory for Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia market supports the development in the gardening sector. One of them is about container gardening which is getting popular.

Container gardening is a method where you grow the plants in containers. It means that you don’t grow or plant them in the ground.

Besides using containers that are made from ceramics, pottery, stones, or something like that, you should try using planter bags. These are more affordable and effective as well.

hanging planter
hanging planter

Planter Bags for Container Gardening

The planter bag supports the spirit of container gardening. Here are some reasons why you should use this bag instead of other types of containers.

1.     It has many types

The products made by the Indonesia planter bag factory for Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia market are created from some materials. The most common ones are polypropylene and woven fabric.

These materials are great to support your plants’ growth. It is because they are usually equipped with certain features such as handles, breathable materials, drainage, and so on.

2.     Various Sizes are Available

Usually, container gardening is applied by those who don’t have enough large areas. They need to pick the right size of container based on the plants. In this case, planter bags are the best solution because the sizes are varied.

The polypropylene planter bag comes in a size ranging from 1 up to 200 liters. Meanwhile, the woven planter bag usually has sizes from 20 liters up to 2000 liters.

3.     Suitable Features and Looks

As described above these bags are completed with certain amazing features. One of them is the handle where you can easily move these things after planting something inside.

Besides that, they also come in various colors such as black, blue, green, grey, and many more again. You can purchase products based on your liking. After that, these items could be arranged based on your design and concept.

4.     Affordable

We cannot deny whether polypropylene or woven planter bags are more affordable than common containers. The polypropylene is the cheapest one, and the woven bag is reusable.

That is why; you can say that these products are an example of great investment. Furthermore, they are also strong, durable, and can last for years.

The Indonesia Planter Bag Factory for Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia Market

The products from this factory are varied and can fulfill any of your ideas. An example is the large planter bags are great for outdoor decoration in a wide garden.

Meanwhile, some small bags can be grouped in a location such as a terrace, stairway, or anywhere in your backyard or front yard. These planter bags are recommended for any plants.

Those can be fruits, vegetables, edible plants, crops, and so on. The most important thing is to choose a high-quality size and make sure it fits your needs. The right size will ensure the roots have enough area to grow.

For the reusable woven planter bag, you can fold it at the end of your planting season. That is why; you must check the Indonesia planter bag factory for Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia market products as soon as possible.

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