The Indonesia planter bag factory for Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia market makes sure that you can get the right products for your gardening needs. There are so many items and types that they sell.

It may make you are easier to find the right one, but sometimes this thing is also confusing. It is especially true if you are a beginner in gardening or farming.

There are some aspects that you need to consider while choosing the right planter bag. What are those crucial considerations?

Non Woven Product
Non Woven Product

The Indonesia Planter Bag Factory for Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia Market Items

As it is informed before, there are various products that you can buy from this Indonesia planter bag factory. They come in many sizes and can be made from different materials as well.

The common materials used are polypropylene and Fabric. Both of them have different characteristics and prices for sure. Polyethylene (or polypropylene) is a synthetic plastic that is suitable for vegetables, flowers, and herbs.

Meanwhile, the woven or nonwoven fabric planter bag is breathable and strong. That is why; they will give you great aeration, drainage, and root health.

Due to that characteristic, you can use this fabric planter bag for succulents and certain herbs. It can be used for many plants that need a well-draining situation.

Considerations in Choosing a Planter Bag

The products from Indonesia planter bag factory for Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia market may look the same. However, you should notice that they have some differences.

That is why; you must buy the right bags based on your gardening needs. To do so, here are several important considerations that you should have.

1.     Know Your Plants

Each plant may have different needs such as the amount of water, sunlight, space, and so on. That is why; you must know about that and find out whether your plants need a deep planter bag or wide ones. 

It means that you must choose the right size of planter bag to accommodate the growth of your plants. Choose a product that is 1-2 times bigger than your plant’s current root ball. 

2.     Think about the Drainage

Proper drainage is an important factor to prevent some problems such as root rot and waterlogging. A planter bag must have some drainage holes which are usually located at the bottom part. 

Then you must consider the materials used too. Generally, the options are polypropylene or woven / non-woven fabric. They are different and they also have different characteristics. 

3.     Portability and Aesthetic Value

If you plan to move your plants someday, please consider choosing a planter bag that is lightweight and easy to move. You must know that some products even come with wheels or handles. 

After that, don’t forget about the aesthetic value where you should consider the color, design, and style. It is better to choose a design that can enhance the whole look of your space but still give the right environment for the plants. 

Trial and observation is also an essential step. You can buy a few products from Indonesia planter bag factory for Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia market first to know how it works.

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