The Indonesia planter bag factory for Orange, New South Wales, Australia market sells many products that can meet your needs. It is especially for gardening at home or on your land.

Talking about this planter bag, a factory may make it with some materials. That is why; you can feel that this item is made from plastic, fabric, or anything else.

Each material certainly has different characteristics. If you want to start gardening or farming now, it is better to understand each of those materials.

Non Woven
Non Woven

Materials to Make a Planter Bag

As it is informed above, a planter bag can be made from several materials. Here are some of those things and also a further explanation about that.

1.     PE (polyethylene) or PP (polypropylene)

These are the common materials that you will mostly see. They are synthetic plastic things that can create durable, affordable, and lightweight bag products. 

Besides that, it is also reusable and resistant to moisture. In other words, PP and PE bags can retain moisture well, so it is suitable for many types of plants.

People love to use it for planting vegetables, flowers, and herbs. You may use this PP or PE bah for indoor or outdoor gardening. 

2.     Fabric Bags or Felt

The Indonesia planter bag factory for Orange, New South Wales, Australia market also makes many items from fabric. Usually, it is from the non-woven materials that are breathable.

This item can give you better root health and aeration. Furthermore, this type is also lightweight, and you can fold them to store them properly. How about the impact on plants?

These items can give better drainage and air circulation. It will prevent some bad situations such as root rot and waterlogging. You can apply it to many plants, such as certain herbs and succulents that need a well-draining environment. 

3.     Geotextile

It is designed to give you a great permeability. This planter bag allows air and water to pass through its materials while containing soil. 

Usually, a gardener or farmer uses it for large plants such as shrubs and trees. You can use it for some purposes such as landscaping and reforestation. 

4.     WPP or Woven Polypropylene

The next one is WPP or woven polypropylene. This type of planter bag is resistant to UV damage and strong as well. It means that you can use it for long-term use even in outdoor spaces. 

This WPP bag is commonly used for trees and large plants. This bag can give the proper support and durability for your plants. 

The Indonesia Planter Bag Factory for Orange, New South Wales, Australia Market

The Indonesia Planter Bag Factory sells many products for those who live in Orange and other states. The whole product can be seen through the websites and other mediums.

Besides deciding the products and size, making sure to choose a planter bag depends on certain factors too. Here are some factors that you should think before buying planter bags:

  • The growing environment
  • The plants’ type
  • Your specific needs (size, colors, features, etc)

The key considerations are breathability, durability, retention, insulation, and how it will impact your environment. Make sure that the products from Indonesia planter bag factory for Orange, New South Wales, Australia market fit your specific needs. 

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