The Indonesia planter bag factory for Penrith, New South Wales, Australia market always ensures you get the right item for your gardening needs. One of them is about finding the best product to plant a tree.

Some bigger plants such as trees, shrubs, or others need the big planter bag as well. That bag must ensure the root can grow properly and get enough space to develop.

One of the recommended sizes of a planter bag for trees is the 400-liter size. It is suitable for advanced trees, or other garden applications.

Non Woven Product
Non Woven Product

The 400-liter Planter Bag Details

This item is made from high-quality woven material for an industrial agricultural grade. As it is explained above, you can use it to plant advanced trees or other big plants. 

Since it is made from high-quality material, this planter bag is durable, strong, and easy to fill. It comes around, and the volume is 400 liters. 

It is one of the products from Indonesia planter bag factory for Penrith, New South Wales, Australia market that is suitable for relocation or repotting. It can be used as an instant garden bed as well.

To start, you just need to unwrap it, fill it with soil (or other mediums), and then plant. It includes stitching, so this product is stronger and looks neater at the same time.

The Features of This Planter Bag

This product is equipped with some interesting features that every gardener must know. Here are those amazing features that you can note.

1.     Improved Drainage

The drainage function is improved with its larger holes which are placed at the basal ridge. Meanwhile, the smaller holes are on the sides. 

The look of this planter bag is also interesting with its green or black colors. Green can be the best option for the Australian Summer Sun because this color gives the right temperature. 

2.     Big Handles

All sizes, including this 400-liter type, are completed with double-stitched strap handles. The sizes of 100 liters and above have 4 strap handles. Meanwhile, the smaller sizes have two strap handles. 

This feature is also stitched to give more strength, especially when you carry it. That is why; you can use this variant for moving or relocating the plants. 

3.     Extended Durability

With the premium materials used, this item is very durable. You can use it for years although you place this planter bag outdoors or under the sun. 

It is a good investment to try since you don’t need to buy planter bags again and again. Besides that, the price is also affordable which is good for a home garden as well.

The Indonesia Planter Bag Factory for Penrith, New South Wales, Australia Market Product Detail

The explanation above is common information that you can get about these 400-l planter bags. Now, we will talk more about the specs, and here are the complete explanations:

  • The dimensions are around 60 cm (high) x 92 cm (diameter)
  • Material: the premium laminated woven polypropylene
  • Color: green
  • Handles: 4

You may order this variant where this bag is the most suitable one for your plant. The Indonesia planter bag factory for Penrith, New South Wales, Australia market products are usually in stock.

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