The Indonesia planter bag factory for Maryborough, Queensland, Australia market is a place where you can find so many products. One of them is the small-size planter bags for your garden.

These small sizes are becoming one of the favorite items because people usually love to start gardening from something small. Those are the herbs, fruits, and many more again.

If you want to do the same thing, you must know the details of this small planter bag. Here is further information about the size, material used, features, etc.

top flap planter bag
top flap planter bag

The Small Sizes Planter Bags

Planter bags can be made from several materials such as polyethylene and woven fabric. The small size options are also made from those materials, and here is the detail.

1.     0.5 Liters

This small option is recommended if you want to plant small plants, shrubs, palms, small trees, and so on. The shape is round and you can use this bag to grow a single plant or seedling.

Then after the seed grows properly, you can move this bag into the soil or another pot for a further growing period. Make sure that the roots can grow well and get enough space.

2.     1-1.5 Liters

Other options from the Indonesia planter bag factory for Maryborough, Queensland, Australia market is the size of 1 – 1.5 liters. It is good for potting palms, herbs, flowers, vegetables, most shrubs, and so on.

This item is usually 130mm deep for the 1-liter size. The colors are black so that it can keep the heat well. When you buy this item, it will be folded so that it can save a lot of storage.

3.     2 – 2.8 Liters

This option is also good if you want to plant some small herbs at the same time. The 2-liter option is 150mm deep, meanwhile, the 2.5-liter bag is about 215mm deep.

The thickness is around 0.09 mm which means this product is really good to give you enough strength, but still lightweight at the same time. You can plant some herbs, flowers, small trees, shrubs, etc there. 

These bags are made from brand new materials (not recycled ones) so that they give you the strongest and most durable guarantee. You can use them for seedlings, planting purposes, and so on.

The Indonesia Planter Bag Factory for Maryborough, Queensland, Australia Market

The small planter bags above are a great choice to start your garden or to make something different there. If the bags are made from polyethylene, usually they come in black and green colors.

You can do more with these items than just planting them. One of the ideas is to make a hanging garden where you can plant some veggies, flowers, or herbs in many planter bags.

Then just hang them on your wall and when the plants grow, they will look more beautiful. Besides that, it is also a great idea to save more space in your garden.

You can insert those bags into the colorful pots to get aesthetic value. The Indonesia planter bag factory for Maryborough, Queensland, Australia market provides you with many sizes that can be chosen based on your needs.

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