You can take a look at some products from the Indonesia planter bag factory for Nambour, Queensland, Australia market for your garden. One of them is a planter bag for trees.

Trees can be planted in a grow bag as well, especially if you want to grow them from the small ones. Using this product will make you are easier to create a healthy environment for the trees.

After that, when the trees get bigger, you can move them to the soil or other locations. That is why; choosing the right planter bag is an essential factor here.

Tree Collar
Tree Collar

The Best Planter Bag for Trees

When choosing a planter bag for trees, you must consider several factors. One of them is the size because this bag must be able to accommodate the roots’ growth.

You must choose a product that is big enough. Here are several products from the Indonesia planter bag factory for Nambour, Queensland, Australia market that can be your references: 

1.     400 Liters Bag

400 liters are one of the best sizes to choose from. It is suitable for shrubs, larger-sized plants, palms, trees, and so on. It has two strong handles and this bag is made from premium woven laminated polypropylene. 

All panels are stitched and even double-stitched to give you extra strength. The factory also adds high-grade UV stabilizers to ensure its quality.

When you have done planting, you can remove the plants easily after use. Just slice the bag with a knife and then peel it away to remove this product from the trees. 

2.     15 – 113 Liters

This size is recommended for planting trees and it is made from the tightly woven UV Stabilized polypropylene bag. It holds the trees properly with its ergonomic design and durable characteristics. 

The handles are available and this planter bag can be lifted by forklift or manual handling. You must choose this variant if you want to make a large landscape project as well.

Usually, this variant comes in black because this color can keep the heat well. It can help to give the right temperature for your trees. The smallest size is around 15 liters, meanwhile the biggest one is 113 liters.

The Indonesia Planter Bag Factory for Nambour, Queensland, Australia Market

The planter bags can come in several variants and made from various materials. The common ones are polypropylene or polyethylene and woven fabric. However, there is a general and major feature that you should note.

It is about the drainage holes where a planter bag must have this feature. The drainage holes are usually made in the bottom part and also the side part. These are done to ensure water can pass through this material well.

That is why; this design can prevent overwatering and waterlogging. In the end, your roots will be not rotten and always in good condition. A healthy root like that can make your trees grow properly.

You can check this feature while buying the items from a factory. Usually, the Indonesia planter bag factory for Nambour, Queensland, Australia market informs everything clearly on its website or stores.

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