The Indonesia planter bag factory for Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia market also sells a product for seedlings. It is suitable for you who want to start a business about plants, or who want to move the small plants later.

Seedling is an important step where you should grow the seeds. To do so, you must consider many things such as the right medium, soil, and compost, up to the planter bag.

Planter bag has an essential role here because the seeds will grow and turn into a small plant. Then this small plant can be moved into the ground or to a bigger pot.

Tree Collar
Tree Collar

The Right Planter Bag for Seedling

For this seedling need, usually you just need to use the small size of planter bags. However, once again it depends on the plants. An example is trees may need a bigger product for sure.

Meanwhile, some small herbs just need the small planter bags. Whatever it is, here are some features that make this bag suitable for seedling.

1.     Drainage Holes

It is a feature that is so crucial. That is why; the Indonesia planter bag factory for Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia market always equips this feature on their products.

The drainage holes are made at the bottom and side part. The aim is to give great air circulation and drainage so that overwatering cases can be avoided.

2.     Wide and Deep Volume

The planter bags come in different dimensions. You must choose the ones that can give enough space for your plants, especially the roots, to grow.

Roots must have enough space to grow so that your plants will be stronger. If you move them into the ground or another container, they will not easily die.

3.     Biodegradable

It is so interesting to know that many planter bags nowadays are biodegradable. It is especially for products that are made from plastic or any other similar materials.

You can just plant them on the ground without needing to tear them off. In several days or weeks, this plastic will be biodegraded and not harm nature.

4.     Handles

Handles also have an important role. If you use a planter bag for large plants, you must consider choosing a product that has two handles. These handles are located on the right and left sides.

These handles are stitched to give you a stronger quality. It means that you can move it easily by using your hands or even a forklift. For the smaller planter bags and plants, handles may not be that crucial to have.

The Indonesia Planter Bag Factory for Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia Market

The different variants of planter bags mean that you can get different prices too. You may check everything from a factory’s website, e-commerce, official stores, or from another source.

Make sure to purchase everything based on your needs and budgets. Usually, buying these planter bags in a large amount is more affordable. You must consider it if you want to make a medium up to large scale garden.

Don’t forget to check the features above before you start seedling. The Indonesia planter bag factory for Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia market will ensure you get the best products only.

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