The Indonesia planter bag factory for Thuringowa, Queensland, Australia market sells various types of products to choose from. It is not only to support your plants’ growth but also to add aesthetic value to your garden.

All of us know that a planter bag can be a great solution for growing vegetables, fruits, herbs, and so on. It is because this item is designed with the right features and sizes.

Besides that, the factory is now giving us more options for aesthetic value as well. One of them is by applying some colors or shades to this planter bag.

Tree Collar
tree collar

The Indonesia Planter Bag Factory for Thuringowa, Queensland, Australia Market

Generally, this item is made from polypropylene, polyethylene, or woven fabric. The design makes these items breathable, and some of them are reusable as well.

They are manufactured properly for Australian conditions and the different colours make them adapt to the weather properly. The handle feature allows you can move and relocate the plants easily.

The good thing is this planter bag is also UV Stabilized, with no Lip or Rim. Besides that, it has a great look and a very strong since it can last for many years. 

The Planter Bag Colours

The Indonesia planter bag factory for Thuringowa, Queensland, Australia market knows that we may need the aesthetic product. That is why; they provide several colours as follows:

1.     Brown Planter Bag

This brown bag is made from a woven fabric that makes it strong and breathable. The color is light brown so it can support any garden theme that you have.

The small sizes are perfect for your balcony, stairs, or in the wall. It means that you can hang them and plant some herbs there. It will save more space and can make your wall more interesting.

2.     Black Planter Bag

Black planter is the most common one and the size ranges from 1-150 litres. The small item is more recommended for succulents or small plants. Then the larger items are for trees, shrubs, palms, etc.

Black is a dark color that can keep the heat properly. You may need to use it in certain cold areas or cold weather. Besides black, you can find other colors too such as grey, green, etc.

3.     Two-Tone Woven Planter Bags

This two-tone option is from woven fabric. It has a round base that will still stiff even when you are not filling the soil there. It is good for flowers, fruits, and so on.

Besides that, the factory also added two handles to make you are easier to move it. It can last for many years since the material is thick and strong enough. You can use it to grow many different plants.

The woven planter bag comes in some bigger sizes. It ranges from 20 up to 200 liters where the prices are varied too. You can see all the details from various sources such as e-commerce, official website, etc.

Besides looking awesome, these grow bags still give you the maximum benefits. The Indonesia planter bag factory for Thuringowa, Queensland, Australia market is where you can purchase them.

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