The Indonesia planter bag factory for Adelaide, South Australia, Australia market sells various sizes for many plants. One of them is for fruit and also vegetables.

We know that planting these things at home can be beneficial. It is because you can crop fruits and vegetables; besides that, they are healthier as well since you may not use any chemical substances to grow them.

If you only have a small garden, using the planter bags is a great idea. This product will help you to create the right environment for fruits and vegetables to grow properly.

Vegetable Planter
Vegetable Planter

The Indonesia Planter Bag Factory for Adelaide, South Australia, Australia Market Product’s Features

Besides talking about the right planter bags for certain fruits and vegetables, let us talk about the features first. Mostly, this product is completed with some important features to support the plants’ growth.

First of all is the drainage hole where there are some holes located at the bottom and side part of this bag. These holes will ensure good drainage, air, and water circulation as well.

Besides that, the Indonesia planter bag factory for Adelaide, South Australia, Australia market also gives at least two handles for their products. These handles give you easy mobility when you need to move this bag.

Other features can be different such as the flip and flap clear windows for some tuber plants. Those are potatoes, cassava, carrots, and so on. You can see their roots from this window.

Another feature is the neat stitch concept for every edge that this bag has. It is especially for the handles so that they can give you more strength when this thing is lifted by hand or forklift.

Recommended Planter Bags for Vegetables

Vegetables are varied such as tube plants, micro greens, leafy vegetables, and so on. Here is the right planter bag size for any type of vegetable.

1.     Leafy Vegetables

The leafy veggies are leeks, spinach, mustard green, parsley, sorrel, Kale, lettuce, and so on. The recommended sizes for this type are ranging from 24×9, 9×9, 18×6, 18×9, 48x24x12 inch.

These sizes are provided by the planter bag factory and the prices can be different. You can check through their websites or through e-commerce to know the details.

2.     Creeper Vegetables

Another type is creeper vegetable where the examples of this type are ridge gourd, bitter gourd, sponge gourd, zucchini, snake gourd, beans, cucumbers, and so on. What are the recommended sizes for this type?

Based on a source, the best sizes are ranging from 15×15, 18×18, 18×15, and 15×18 inches. They are considered as the right size so that the roots can grow properly.

3.     Brassica Family Veggies

The brassica family vegetables are cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels, sprouts, and so on. These vegetables sometimes can grow bigger than the other types above.

That is why; you may need to choose the bigger planter bag sizes as well. The recommendations are `15 x 12, 12×12, 60x15x15 inch, and 3Fx2Fx1F.

Various sizes that are available right now mean you can choose the ones based on your needs. You can check the Indonesia planter bag factory for Adelaide, South Australia, Australia market website, or e-commerce to find out more about the details.

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