The Indonesia planter bag factory for Townsville, Queensland, Australia market sells some large products for your gardening needs. One of them is the 500-liter size that can be used to grow some plants.

All of us know that sometimes you want to grow large plants or maybe some small ones at a location. If your garden has fertile soil and enough space, it is not a problem.

But, if you only have a small area, using a huge planter bag like this will be beneficial. You can fill it with fertile soil and compost to create a healthy environment for a plant to grow.

Vegetable Planter
Vegetable Planter

The Indonesia Planter Bag Factory for Townsville, Queensland, Australia Market: 500 Liters

As it is named, the capacity is 500 liters and this item has the dimension of 95cm x 75cm (Diameter x Height). It is made from HDPE material that comes in green color with a UV Stabilizer feature.

Usually, this item is completed with a 4-handle sling to make its mobility easier. The material is thick and strong enough so that it can last up to 10 years in the Australian climate. 

The sunlight can pass through this planter bag, so your plant’s roots can grow healthily. Besides that, it also has some drainage holes to give better water and air circulation.

The shape is a round-bottom design that makes a way to fill the soil easier. This design also makes this item more stable. You can grow one or more plants there from the seedling up to the cropping period.

How to Use a Planter Bag

Besides choosing the right products from the Indonesia planter bag factory for Townsville, Queensland, Australia market, you have to understand the right way to use them. Here are some steps and guides to note.

1.     Choose the Right Plants

If it is your first time, you may need to choose plants that are easy to bear fruit. Those are mangoes, oranges, grapes, guavas, and many more again.

Don’t forget to choose high-quality seeds only because they have a crucial role. It is better to choose vegetative seeds because they have the same characteristics as their parents.

2.     Prepare Your Planter Bag

Then, prepare the planter bags that are suitable for your plants. If you want them for a long-term period, choosing the bigger size is recommended.

You must consider making the right composition of planting medium as well. The general mediums are soil, compost, and husks. The comparison is 1:1:1 or you can buy the ready-to-use organic planting media. 

3.     Plant the Seeds

After your planting media is ready, make a hole in the middle of it. Insert your seeds there and make sure that the seeds are upright. Then, cover it with the planting media around it.

For this newly planted seed, it is better to place this planter bag in a sheltered area for some days. After that, move it to an area that gets enough sunlight, but make sure that the seed is fresh and healthy.

Don’t forget to water your plants regularly. The Indonesia planter bag factory for Townsville, Queensland, Australia market products are completed with drainage holes to avoid over-watering.

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