The Indonesia planter bag factory for Burnie, Tasmania, Australia market items are a lot. You can also find a large product to plant a tree, shrubs, and other things.

As we know they need the medium up to large size to ensure their roots grow properly. Enough space can make these plants develop healthily and turn them into strong plants.

One of the recommended sizes, if you want to grow trees, is 1000 liters. This item is equipped with certain important features that will make your gardening hobby easier. 

water pond rag
water pond rag

The 1000-liter Planter Bag Details

This item is made from high-quality woven material that is used for the industrial agricultural grade. Since it has a huge size or deep dimension, you can plant the tree here. 

The thick and high-quality material that it has makes this planter bag durable. It is also strong and you can fill it with soil easily. Besides the fertile soil, adding other things such as compost can be beneficial too.

It is one of the products from Indonesia planter bag factory for Burnie, Tasmania, Australia market that is good for relocation or reporting purposes. You are also able to use them as an instant garden bed as well.

The 1000 Liters Planter Bag Features

Since it is for the huge plants, the factory adds some features to support your needs. Below are the essential features that this product has.

1.     Improved Drainage Holes

The larger holes which are placed at the basal ridge a concept of the more advanced drainage function. Meanwhile, the smaller holes are also there and you can find them at the side parts. 

This huge planter bag looks great in green or black colors. Green can be the best option for the Australian Summer Sun since this shade gives a good temperature.

2.     Big Stitched Handles

All sizes, including this 1000-liter type, have double-stitched strap handles. The sizes of 1000 liters and above have 4 strap handles, so that you can lift it by hand or forklift easily.

This handle is also stitched to give more strength, especially when you need to move this bag. That is why; people choose to use this planter bag for relocating purposes. 

3.     Extended Durability

The thick and high-quality material makes this item durable. You can use it for years although it is placed under the son. After it is used, you can clean, dry, and store them in a clean place. 

One more thing is this bag is reusable, so you don’t need to buy it again and again. Besides that, the price is not expensive, especially when you buy it in large amounts.

The Indonesia Planter Bag Factory for Burnie, Tasmania, Australia Market Product Detail

The common information above gives us a clear general detail. There is still some information that needs to know as follows: 

  • The dimensions are around 90 cm (high) x 120 cm (diameter)
  • Material: the premium laminated woven polypropylene
  • Color: green and black
  • The number of Handles: 4

Is it the right item for your garden right now? The Indonesia planter bag factory for Burnie, Tasmania, Australia market always sells it and they are ready stock. 

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