The Indonesia planter bag factory for Clarence, Tasmania, Australia market opens several services ways. Those are through the offline store and online platforms such as websites, e-commerce, etc. 

This bag can be made from several materials such as polypropylene, fabric, or other materials. When you explore the website or through the internet, the sizes of this product are varied too.

One of them is the large options that can be used to plant trees, shrubs, and other huge plants. This item is equipped with several features to make your job easier.

water pond rag
water pond rag

The Big Planter Bag Sizes

This big size can come in several shapes such as round and rectangular. Whatever the shape is, you must know the details and sizes as follows.

1.     1500 – 2000 Liters 

The volume of this large item is 1500-2000 liters. Each side or edges are stitched neatly to make sure they are strong enough. You may note that this item comes in several colors, but the general ones are black and green.

The price of this large bag can be different between one factory and another. However, usually the price is around $39, 00 for the 1500 liter size.

2.     1000 Liters 

This bag is made from a woven material that is breathable and durable at the same time. It is great for larger plants such as trees, shrubs, palms, and many more again.

Usually, people also use it for the seedling process or even repotting. The whole panels are stitched with nylon, and it is also a reason why this item is strong enough.

Some 1000-liter planter bags also have handles for easy mobility. These handles are for sure double-stitched and the diameter of this item is usually 1350 mm & 720mm for the height.

3.     400 – 500Liters Woven Planter Bag

This item is also recommended for advanced trees and other applications in your garden. You may choose this thing if you want to plant a single tree and relocate it after some period.

This 400-liter and 500-liter bag is made from UV-stabilized and laminated woven polypropylene. It looks strong and neat since the whole edges are stitched. 

That is why; this reusable bag is durable and can last for many years. The Indonesia planter bag factory for Clarence, Tasmania, Australia market gives different prices for this variant and others.

The Indonesia Planter Bag Factory for Clarence, Tasmania, Australia Market

The example above is some products of large planter bags that you can buy. However, those are not the only sizes that you can choose because there are still some other available options.

Those are the 2000, 500, 150, 100, 75 liters, and other variants that can fit your needs. The product’s details and the real pictures are always displayed clearly on a factory’s website so that you can find any information easily.

Don’t forget to determine some factors too such as the features that a bag has. The most essential ones are handles, drainage holes, and many more.

It is a good idea to open and explore their website if you want to know the further details. The Indonesia planter bag factory for Clarence, Tasmania, Australia market products are always ready stock.

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