Getting some products from the Indonesia planter bag factory for Hobart, Tasmania, Australia market will make your gardening hobby easier. They have so many items to choose from to fulfill your needs.

An example is about size where they have plenty of sizes to choose from. It means that you can grow many different plants from the small herbs up to the large trees.

Before buying a planter bag, it is better to consider many things first. It will ensure you get the right products that can give only the benefits for your plants and garden.

water pond rag
water pond rag

The Indonesia Planter Bag Factory for Hobart, Tasmania, Australia Market Items

As it is informed before, various products are available and sold by the factory. They come in many sizes ranging from one up to 200 gallons. 

The small plants just need the size of 1 – 20 gallons. You can plant herbs, fruits, and so on. Meanwhile, some larger plants such as tomatoes and peppers may need the medium size.

The common materials used to make this planter bag are polypropylene and Fabric. Polyethylene (or polypropylene) is a synthetic plastic that is usually used for vegetables, flowers, and herbs.

Meanwhile, the woven or nonwoven option is more breathable and stronger. In choosing the right materials, it is better to look at your plants’ needs and also where will you plant them.

The Medium Size Planter Bag

The products from Indonesia planter bag factory for Hobart, Tasmania, Australia market are varied. One of the best-seller items is for sure the medium size, and here are the details. 

1.      Ranging Dimension

The medium sizes range from 3 up to 10 liters. These items are suitable for growing a single plant or various plants at the same time. This idea can become a unique and interesting spot in your garden.

Don’t forget to choose the right size of planter bag to accommodate the growth of your plants properly. The recommendation is to choose a product that is 1-2 times bigger than the plant’s current root ball. 

2.     Drainage Holes

Good drainage function can help you stay away from some problems such as root rot and waterlogging. The medium planter bags always have drainage holes on their bottom or side parts.

These holes are not that large, but they can do their functions properly. You can check these holes and choose a product that has this feature.

The amount of these holes is suited to how big a planter bag is. It is better to check for this feature first before you purchase it from an online or offline store.

3.     The Looks and Portability

You may need to move your seeds or plants someday. If it is so, please consider choosing a planter bag that is easy to move and lightweight. That is why; some products are equipped with handles.

After that, you may think about the color, design, and style to add more aesthetic value to your garden. The planter bags must be beautiful, but still give advantages for your plants and garden. 

After knowing the details above, now you are ready to buy these medium planter bags. You can them easily from the Indonesia planter bag factory for Hobart, Tasmania, Australia market website, or e-commerce

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