The Indonesia planter bag factory for Glenorchy, Tasmania, Australia market provides many options or variants for your needs. An example is for planting crops or vegetables.

Crops become the most popular plant to grow in a planter bag because people can enjoy the result. Nowadays, people can still plant them even if they don’t have a large area. 

The only way is by using planter bags or grow bags. There are so many sizes available in the market so that you can grow the small up to the big crops. 

water pond rag
water pond rag

Planter Bag Feature to Grow Crops

The products from Indonesia planter bag factory for Glenorchy, Tasmania, Australia market are a lot. If you want to use them for growing crops and vegetables, here are some features to consider:

1.     What it is made from

The materials to make this planter bag are varied from recycled material, plastic (polypropylene or polyethylene) wool, burlap, woven fabric, and so on. You must know their characteristics before buying one. 

The woven option is usually recommended because this fabric is strong and breathable. It means that their drainage function and air circulation can work great to keep your plants always in their best condition.

2.     Does color matter?

Color and shade always have a crucial position when you want to plant something in a planter bag. If your garden is in a cold climate area, choosing a darker color such as black or green is better.

That color is good for keeping the heat temperature and can hold the heat longer. However, if the climate is not an obstacle, you may choose the colorful or two-tone grow bag in the market.

These products come in many interesting decorative colors that are so beautiful. Sometimes, the factory may add ornamental accents to make this product unique.

3.     Right Size is everything

You can say that considering the size is the top list to do. These bags vary in size from 1 gallon up to 200 gallons (or can be more). The proper size lets your plant’s roots grow properly and healthily.

The small such as a 1-gallon size is good for growing herbs. Meanwhile, the 200-gallon variant will be good to make a complete raised bed garden and the prices are not a problem.

The prices are varied, but usually, they are ranging from $8 up to $18 for the size of 5-gallon. Pricing like this depends on some factors such as the material used, features, size, and so on.

The Indonesia Planter Bag Factory for Glenorchy, Tasmania, Australia Market

Besides choosing the right variant for crops, you must create the right medium inside the planter bag. In this case, you can use the fertile soil, compost, etc.

If you can, it is better to choose products that have a UV stabilizer feature. This is especially true if your garden is located in the dry and hot area. Don’t worry because this feature is now easy to find.

You can check the details on the internet or by visiting the conventional stores. The Indonesia planter bag factory for Glenorchy, Tasmania, Australia market is always ready and can be purchased anytime.

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